Breathwork is a powerful individual process that can be experienced within a group environment. The alchemical container invites each person to come alive through breath, sound and movement.


Group journeys integrate guided conscious, connected breathwork with a variety of complementary modalities. All of the practices shared are based on presence, welcoming what is arising, and integration of our whole being.


You will be invited into a safe, brave space to retrieve more of yourself. Workshops typically include, free-form movement, shaking + vibrational practices, and partner + group connective exercises. You will be empowered through emotional release techniques, somatic tools including TRE, alternate breath patterns, and vocal toning. And you will be lovingly supported through live instruments + music, hands-on support, verbal guidance + affirmations, and Reiki energy.


*Freedom in their bodies

*Resolution + integration of past experiences

*Greater sense of aliveness

*Connection to their heart

*Love and support

*Sweet surrender

*Empowerment and possibility

*Gratitude and forgivness

*Attunement to energy

*Awe by the great mystery of it all..

*"10 years of therapy in a few hours"


No upcoming events at the moment

Join one of our workshops or we can create a gathering together.  If you have a group of people you´d like to breathe with, or you´d like to host a workshop, please connect with me!