"Meeting Leah and experiencing multiple breathwork sessions with her has been deeply powerful and transformative for me. I've had a range of experiences from visualisations and powerful messages coming through to feeling like I was healing my relationship with my body and sensuality. I came in to one of the sessions frustrated and low energy and Leah held a beautiful, connective and allowing space that made it possible for me to relax and emerge more peaceful and connected to myself and my purpose. I was so surprised and impressed with the quality of care, non judgement and also deep playfulness and fun that she holds as a facilitator. I continue to work with her to keep my vibrancy alive and to fuel me in my business and creative endeavours!" 

~ Reva Wild, Canada, Wild Embodiment Coach

"It is my privilege to acknowledge the amazing healing Leah assists with her breathwork. Her open radiant heart has supported me with such tenderness, kindness and wisdom. Her ability to connect and journey with my transformation is very deeply held in my heart. I am so grateful that our paths have crossed. Leah is a true healer and she lives her practice. Amazing and I so look forward to her guidance when I get to attend the next journey with her."

~ Donna Forscutt, Canada, RN + Labour Relations Officer 

"Leah is passionate about breathwork. She lives and breathes it! I was fortunate enough to participate in a group and a few one-on-one session where she also breathed with me. The session unfolded to be a powerful experience for me. She is super in-tune with the processes that occur during sessions. And, her expertise enabled her to navigate her journey as well as being aware of my process too. Next level. Breathwork is often beyond any description. However, there is the knowledge that something significant is occurring. Leah's energy is calm but strong, and she holds space with love and grace."

​~ Ben North, UK, Physiotherapist

"Breathwork with Leah was a powerful, life-changing experience. I had never done breathwork before and didn't really know what to expect. The rush of energy, emotions, and realizations I had in one hour was unbelievable and super powerful. I am so happy I had Leah's support every step of the way to help me navigate through all the different states. Leah was with me completely - vocally, physicallly, and energetically. I highly recommend this experience for anyone who wants to open up new channels in themselves."

~ Tal Siegler, Israel, Social Worker

"I tried breathwork for the first time with Leah. I was a little nervous going in as I was told by a friend that the practice can be very powerful. Leah's softness, calmness, and her solid support and presence allowed me to surrender and have the most amazing experience. As my mind stepped aside, I felt my heart opening as waves of energy ran throughout my body, like an energetic cleanse. I felt at peace in a ceremonial state of mind and body. Leah had a natural ease in 'listening' to what my body needed. I felt in total trust and deeply cared for the whole way through. I highly recommend this work. I am feeling the advantages on a physical, emotional, espiritual and energetic level. I am very grateful for Leah for walking me through the process in a such a gentle way."

~ Aitana Sanchez, Spain, Water Therapist + Scuba Instructor 

"I had a beautiful, deep experience in the group breath sección with Leah. Her skill and care brought each of us to the place in our process where we could find release and clarity. I highly recommend Leah's breath secciónes. Her passion for her work and her heart will guide and support you in very subtle and powerful way."

~ Nury Buendia, Switzerland/Colombia, Director at Fundacion Mi Ciudad Con Vida

"After having experienced some not-so-positive breathwork sessions in the past, I found Leah's facilitation to be profoundly healing, gentle, compassionate, clear, non-judgment, and safe. Highly recommend."

~ Ari L, USA, Massage Therapist, Conscious Movement, & Wellness

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Photography By Emma Pion-Berlin