I am currently sharing breathwork in two inpatient early - recovery centers in Washington state. Within the full-time treatment container, breathwork can serve as a powerful adjunct to the therapeutic services. And, as a catalyst for gentle physical, emotional, and cellular detoxification. We prepare for the breathwork with body-centered mindfulness practices and a sharing circle. Folks receive practical, simple tools that they can use on a daily basis to ground, orient, release stress & tension, and cultivate

greater inner-awareness and self-care.

*Ollala Recovery Centers

*Kitsap County Recovery Center 



I am a Guest Teacher offering therapeutic breathwork and teachings on nervous sytsem health for Michaela Ravasio's "Self Healing Embodiment Journey". A 3-month online group course for women ready to step into their power, reclaim their bodies, and heal in a supportive community.


Through story and embodied practice, we learn the importance and impact of our involuntary stress response, and how trauma gets lodged in the body. We experience a series of somatic and emotional release practices to free our physiology and transmute stuck and frozen energy. As well as a deep, therapeutic breathwork session to integrate and reconnect to the wisdom within us. Together, we become resourced with accessible and empowering tools to move energy and emotion through the body, and surrender to the instinct and intuition that liberates us. If you would like to be a part of this journey, follow the website link below to learn more. Or reach out to Michaela or myself. 

*Self Healing Embodiment Journey