I am currently sharing breathwork in two inpatient early - recovery centers in Washington state. Within the full-time treatment container, breathwork can serve as a powerful adjunct to the therapeutic services. And, as a catalyst for gentle physical, emotional, and cellular detoxification. We prepare for the breathwork with body-centered mindfulness practices and a sharing circle. Folks receive practical, simple tools that they can use on a daily basis to ground, orient, release stress & tension, and cultivate

greater inner-awareness and self-care.

*Kitsap County Recovery Center 



“I feel like everything is going to be okay.” Anonymous


“It was scary to feel it, and I really didn’t want to, but I did and I am proud of myself. It was just a few layers. I know there is more. But I did it!” Anonymous

“I felt so much anxiety when I started, but now I feel so relaxed. I was introduced to meditation and mindfulness in prison but I didn’t have space at the time to really take it in. I am really getting it now. This was one of the most transformative things in my life. Thank you.” Anonymous

"I just feel soooo relaxed. I haven't felt like this in a long time.” Anonymous


“I owned and accepted something that I have been denying about myself. I feel like a boulder was lifted off my shoulders.” Anonymous

"I am a cowboy. I don’t do this kind of stuff. But, wow, I LOVE this. I can feel the love. I feel what your saying. About the breath. This is so amazing. I can feel my passion.” Anonymous

"It felt really good, like floating, and letting things go. Also made me internal with my ailments, thoughts, and my ex-love. I let her go.”  Anonymous

"Learning this breathing exercise has been life changing and I feel like it's vital that I continue to learn from and truly embrace this experience." Anonymous

"Every session has been so different. I was fighting my cravings. I was at war inside myself. I kept breathing. I think I won. I felt like I entered the earth. She swallowed me." Anonymous

"I feel like I am letting so much go. Like I am going deep inside myself. I feel like I am getting in touch with who I really am. There was a lot of forgiveness and love. I kept whispering to myself, I’m sorry. I love you. I’m sorry. I love you." Anonymous

 “A lot was building inside me at the beginning, and then I released and cried, and then I felt SO strong.” Anonymous

“My eye lids felt so heavy. I thought they were open, but I realized they were closed. All I could see was light.” Anonymous 

“I have been holding on to everything and everyone so tight. I would not let them go. I was clinging with everything I had. Today I feel like I actually let go for the first time in my life. It is hard to let go. But I did. And I know I have to.” Anonymous 

“I physically felt a huge amount of pain just leave my body out my feet.” Anonymous 



I am a Guest Teacher offering therapeutic breathwork and teachings on nervous system health for Michaela Ravasio's "Self Healing Embodiment Journey". A 3-month online group course for women ready to step into their power, reclaim their bodies, and heal in a supportive community.

We may explore: 

* The Language of Our Nervous System

* Window of Flexibility

* Somatic Practices to Relax, Ground and Stabilize 

* Unconditional Presence

* A Deep, Therapeutic Breathwork Journey

* Integration and Reconnection to the Wisdom Within Us


 If you would like to be a part of this journey, follow the website link below to learn more. Or reach out to Michaela or myself: Self Healing Embodiment Journey