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Join us every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month to receive Reiki in a beautiful group setting.


Reiki is a gentle and powerful Japanese healing art that resources the body with nurturing, therapeutic energy. As you lay back and soften into receptivity, Reiki opens channels to reestablish flow and provides purification and guidance. Many experience stress reduction, reprieve from physical discomfort, movement of energy and emotion, visions, Divine messages, and reconnection to Source and Unconditional Love. 

During this healing session, you will be guided into a receptive state through Reiki meditations and visualization. Each person will be offered hands-on (or distance) Reiki, as we all bathe in the energy that infuses and warms the whole space. The group experience takes place at MoonTemple, a beautiful room filled with crystals. Healing musical frequencies and sacred cleansing plants will be used throughout, and there is a sharing circle at the end. 

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