There is a knowing deep within you

Whispering to you with every breath

As we free ourselves through movement, breath, and sound

Imprints from the past are liberated to move as well

We become aware and in-tune to what's current

Clear and alive, our energy vibrates within every living moment

Join me on this journey. 


A transformational therapeutic modality that opens the way for greater awareness and integration. When we change the way we breathe, consciously, or unconsciously, our whole body-mind changes immediately and profoundly as well. 


Conscious, connected breathwork is a technique that raises our oxygen levels, and lowers our carbon dioxide levels. This allows our guard and coping strategies to gently give way so that we may experience our true baseline state. The thoughts, emotions, and physiological imprints that arise were always there, hidden from plain sight. Now front and center, we are invited to be with our sensations and feelings in a way that perhaps we were never able to before. By embracing what is, we create resilience in the nervous system, while integrating past shock, trauma, emotions, chronic pain, and residual compensations from injury. As we meet our true selves, our heart opens and paves the way for profound insight, compassion and integration to take root.


* Restore balance and resilience in your nervous system 

* Resolve stuck emotion, stress and physical tension

* Reconnect to ease, creativity, and clarity 

* Integrate past traumas 


* Free yourself of stories, limiting beliefs, and conditioning

* Access wisdom and guidance from within

* Gain new perspectives about the past and present

* Cultivate compassion for yourself and others

* Come home to who you really are