Audio Guided Breathwork Journey


You may practice on your own, with a loved one, or a small group. The audio sessions weave together guided breath - sound - movement, affirmations, and music.


It is recommended that you have been guided by Leah or another breathwork practitioner in 1:1 sessions, group journeys or workshops/trainings prior to working with these audio - guided journeys. Breathwork can ignite powerful energies and draw past experiences and emotions to the surface to be neutralized and integrated. A level of ability to be self-responsible and navigate the psychosomatic & energetic terrain is needed.






Conscious, connected breathwork is a safe, gentle and powerful circular breathing technique that can release physical tension, renew clarity of mind, draw forth emotions from the past to be resolved, inspirit the senses and subtle sensations, and open channels of blocked emotional energy and power. Please take some time to read through my website and learn more about this practice before you begin. Learn more here!


  • A comfortable and warm space where you ideally will not be interrupted and where you feel safe to relax and audibly express

  • A surface to lie down on that allows you the space to move. This could be a bed, a mattress, or a mat/pad on the ground.

  • You may wish to set up an altar, light a candle, or place a bouquet of flowers near you. 

  • A blanket by your side that you may wish to use if your temperature drops.

  • You may want to have a journal by your side to note your experiences and insights after the session is complete. 

  • A pillow by your side that you may use under your knees or to squeeze to your belly, cry into, or scream into if you go into emotional release.


  • Lie on your back with your hands open at your side, palms up and legs uncrossed (you may sit if that is more comfortable)

  • Let your head be fairly flat (it is recommended to use a flat pillow or no pillow) to allow your breathing passageways to be open

  • You may close your eyes to support you to go deeper within, and you can always open your eyes to orient 

  • Begin to breathe deep and natural to relax your whole body

  • Internally, scan your body from head to toes, softening each part as you bring your attention there

  • Bring your attention to your heart and set an intention for your journey (this may be has simple as "My intention is to stay awake and present with myself". Let your intention be simple, from your heart, and positively-oriented

  • Open your mouth and wiggle your jaw back and forth 

  • Find a comfortable position where your mouth is open and your jaw is relaxed

  • Begin to breathe in and out through an open mouth and open throat - inhale from your belly to your chest, heart, and lungs, and exhale gently and fully

  • The inhale sounds like a whispering “AHH” and the exhale sounds like a whispering “HAA”

  • The breath is gentle, not forced, and is circular, connected, rhythmic, and continuous, without a pause between the exhale and inhale. Every inhale and exhale is connected

  • You can also breathe into your shoulders, back-body, and down into your pelvis, legs, and feet, imagining your whole body breathing 

  • If physical sensations and emotions arise, welcome them with curiosity and allow them to move and express through you 

  • If tension arises, and you are willing, breathe into the tension

  • If you feel bored, self-critical, or confused like "nothing is happening", try identifying what expectations you have brought into the session and how you may free yourself from them. And if nothing else, allow yourself the time to "just breathe" as a form of physical detoxification, a time for relaxation, and/or as a way of practicing self-care 

  • If at any time you feel that it is too much, slow down the breath and soften the inhale and exhale. You can also open your eyes to orient in your space

  • Be open to….new physical sensations, unexpected emotions surfacing, hearing your own thoughts more clearly, laughter, tears, a sense of connection with yourself or others, insight, guidance, greater aliveness and clarity of purpose or next steps...

  • At the end, you will be guided to return to your natural breath for a gentle integration period and then you will be invited to turn onto one side to rest. I highly suggest you take more time for rest and silence than what I offer you in this journey to integrate. 

  • Afterwards, you may wish to relax or write in your journal



4 MINUTES introduction to preparing your space and your body,

setting intentions, and guidance for the breathwork technique

20 MINUTES guided breathing

3 MINUTES integration

Audio Guided Breathwork Journey
00:00 / 26:41


I love when you write to me and share about your experience. This audio guided journey is the first one I've created! So plesae reach out and let me know what supported you, what you would love in the future, and any other feedback!