There is a knowing deep within you

Whispering to you with every breath

As we free ourselves through movement, breath, and sound

Imprints from the past are liberated to move as well

We become aware and in-tune to what's current

Clear and alive, our energy vibrates within every living moment

Join me on this journey


I am a Certified Clarity Breathwork Practitioner, Reiki Master, and trained in Numa Somatics Integrative Breathwork Therapy. I offer transformative experiences for individuals and groups to connect deeply with their body's wisdom, release tension and stress, integrate emotions, and reestablish clarity, relaxation and ease.

Together, we create a brave field of possibility for you to source love, freedom, and power from within. Resourced and resilient, you are able to walk your path connected to your heart and soul. 





Throughout our session there was a sense of ease and trust. Leah brings her gifts of lightness, depth, rigour and spontaneity into her sessions. Her ability to create and hold sacred space created an opening and willingness for my body and breath to do exactly what it needed to surrender. I allowed myself to submit and shut down for decades in my marriage. Leah's invitation and guidance allowed me the safety and security to let go.

Leah's deep holy listening to my intention coupled with the exchanges we had in our previous sessions made me feel completely honored and loved.  What came out of the session will continue to reverberate within me, hopefully forever.  I feel on a journey now with my breath to find that happy marriage I have been seeking within myself.


Nancy Medwell, US, Kundalini Yoga & Ayurvedic Practitioner 

Leah's facilitation is such a gift both on the energetic as well as tangible levels. She is very intuitively connected with the energies of the space and it is quite a lovely experience to be guided in the journey through her songs, words and voice. The breathwork techniques Leah presents are quite simple and have the longevity as well as the adaptability to be used in various spaces. I find these practices very useful still, almost half a year after I participated in the first workshop. I wish you all the best Leah with your journey to offer these gifts to the world. I am very inspired by your dedication to the work.

Peeyush Kumar, India/US, Microsoft


My experience working with Leah through breathwork has been truly amazing. From the moment you enter her space, Leah creates a sense of trust and security, allowing the breathwork to flow. Her knowledge and experience is a unique match. Over my many sessions with Leah I have uncovered and learned so much, and been supported in a much needed way. Her work is expansive, and one of my favorite things from working with her is she is truly a guide to your findings - everything is already within you. If you're just getting into breathwork (or Reiki), exploring it for the first time, or have been doing it for years, I highly recommend taking sessions with Leah - her guidance, knowledge and trust is unique and I have yet to find another teacher that has been as transformative as she has been for me.

Sydney Johnson, US, Account Manager & Marketing 

Yesterday I went to go see Leah for a trauma-release therapeutic breathwork session. It was one of the most powerful experiences of my life in regards to emotional release. I went to Leah because I felt she was someone I could trust, someone who I felt safe around. And someone who I felt I could be vulnerable with. Before the session I was experiencing back pain behind my heart, I also had mild shoulder pain that I’ve been dealing with for awhile. After the session my shoulder pain was gone completely, and back pain was gone. She demonstrated a high level of professionalism, mastery, and integrity. If your dealing with suppressed, repressed emotions, trauma, even physical blockages, I highly recommend going to see Leah. She will help you. Thank you Leah for holding space, making me feel safe, allowing me to express what I needed to without judgment.​

Shayne Zal-Arora, Mexico, Student