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I am a Certified Clarity Breathwork Practitioner, Breathing Behavior Analyst, and Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki Energy Practitioner. My background is in clinical social work and behavioral health sciences, with a specialization in psychophysiology and breathing. 

I offer therapeutic, educational,and energetic services that integrate mind, body, breath, and soul. 

When we come together, we
 heal. In the sweet embrace of community. In the safe space of relationship. By the power of love that made us, we come home to ourselves. I hope to meet you there. 

Schedule a free curiosity call to explore how I may support you. Or join one of my classes, workshops, or private sessions!


Throughout our session there was a sense of ease and trust. Leah brings her gifts of lightness, depth, rigour and spontaneity into her sessions. Her ability to create and hold sacred space created an opening and willingness for my body and breath to do exactly what it needed to surrender. I allowed myself to submit and shut down for decades in my marriage. Leah's invitation and guidance allowed me the safety and security to let go.

Leah's deep holy listening to my intention coupled with the exchanges we had in our previous sessions made me feel completely honored and loved.  What came out of the session will continue to reverberate within me, hopefully forever.  I feel on a journey now with my breath to find that happy marriage I have been seeking within myself.

Nancy Medwell, Portugal, Ayurvedic Practitioner

Nancy Medwell, Portugal, Ayurvedic Practitioner 


126 NW 48th St,

Miami, FL 33127





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