There is a knowing deep within you

Whispering to you with every breath

As we free ourselves through movement, breath, and sound

Imprints from the past are liberated to move as well

We become aware and in-tune to what's current

Clear and alive, our energy vibrates within every living moment

Join me on this journey

I am a Breathwork Practitioner, Workshop Facilitator, and Reiki Master. I offer transformative experiences for individuals and groups to live an embodied, integrated, and inspired life. I create brave fields of possibility for you to source freedom, aliveness, and power from within.


Through presence and loving guidance, I support you to transmute your past, become current with your emotions, and masterful with your life force energy. Resourced and resilient, you are able to step into a way of being that is connected to your heart and soul. 


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Photography By Emma Pion-Berlin